fork: Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar – Oklahoma City


Whiskey Cake Kitchen And Bar is a Dallas-based restaurant brand with a not-so-subtle ode to their Southern roots. Hopefully there is one near you because this place is pretty darn nifty! A few cool things about Whiskey Cake: 1) There aren’t a lot of locations so you can hardly call them a “chain restaurant” which is good. You know those chain restaurants are hit or miss (way more miss than hit). 2) They have farm-to-kitchen dishes and cocktails. “What does that mean?”, you may be asking. That means that they don’t microwave their food, they don’t zap it with some questionable kitchen appliance (a la Jetsons) and they don’t defrost your meal before serving it to you. They use slow cooking methods on their live wood grill, smoker and spit. 3) Their Dallas location is eco-certified. Their method of reusing materials is sharp and efficient, yet still aesthetically pleasing while staying close to the restaurants brand and culture.

on my plate: Live Wood Grilled Salmon – roasted local vegetables and a mustard vinaigrette. Hand cut parmesan fries.


Service: Great! |  Reservations: It wouldn’t hurt on a weekend, but during the week you should be fine.  |  Parking: Ample parking  |  Price: $$

– GOOD TO KNOW –    

Save room for dessert and order a slice of their Whiskey Cake. Delicious! And pair it with their hot chocolate! Best in the business! And those house-made marshmallows do not hurt either.

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