fork: BRC (Houston)

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BRC Gastropub is located in the ultra hip neighborhood of Washington Heights in Houston, Texas. This country chic eatery serves up dish after dish of hearty meals that are good for your soul (not necessarily, your waistline)! We all need to live a little once in a while! And when we do, you MUST treat yourself to their Big Bad Ass Biscuits (their words, not ours). They’re amazing and well accompanied by their bacon jam! The bar scene is great and their drink selection is varied and ample!

on my plate: Cheddar Biscuits and Bacon Jam, Classic American and Aged Cheddar Mac & Cheese, Crushed Meatball, Sunday Tomato Gravy and Mozzarella Mac & Cheese, Dixie Fried Chicken Platter (we requested chicken breast instead of bone-in)


Service: Great! |  Reservations: Needed. It gets packed during the dinner rush  |  Parking: Not as easy as we would like. Street parking available, if necessary.  |  Price: $$

– GOOD TO KNOW –    

I recommend to get a few entrees and appetizers and share! The food is hearty, to say the least, but if you do a family style dinner, you can get a taste of all of the dishes and not feel like your going to pass out afterwards. You can buy their bacon jam by the jar! Highly recommended! It goes well with EVERYTHING! No, seriously… EVERYTHING!

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