spoon: W Hotel (Vieques Island, Puerto Rico)

w-hotel-logo fts.w.vieques.5 fts.w.vieques.2 fts.w.vieques.4 fts.w.vieques.3

The W Retreat and Spa is comfortably nestled off the coast of Vieques Island (a few miles east of Puerto Rico). It is a true oasis on an island where other luxury hotels are scarce and where the wild horse roam free. They seriously do! On this island, the roads are narrow and stop signs are optional. But one thing is for sure, when you are at the W Retreat and Spa, it feels like you are in another world. The service is impeccable, the aesthetics offer the guest a visual utopia and the accommodations are superb. They truly live up to their motto of “Whatever/ Wherever”

hotel accoutrements: W Airport Lounge, spa, fitness center, P.A.W. (Pets Are Welcomed), Whatever/Whenever Service, dry cleaning service, tennis courts, beach front property, and multiple restaurants.


Service: Great! The staff is helpful, attentive and impressively accomodating | Spoonability: ZZZZZ – The beds are extremely comfortable as are the pillows. The round lounging chair in the rooms is even comfortable. Perfect for a nap while listening to the ocean right outside of your balcony window  |  Bum report: The toilet paper is as impressive as any other hotel toilet paper. Unfortunately.

– GOOD TO KNOW –    

The only way to get to Vieques Island is via ferry or plane. Obviously… its an island. We flew in from Puerto Rico on a small propeller plane. You land on a private strip marked with the hotels “W” typography and you relax at the W Lounge until a black Mercedes SUV scoops you up to take you to the property. If you stay on the first floor of the hotel, DO NOT leave your balcony doors open. The breeze may feel amazing, but waking up to a wild horse in your room WILL NOT be. The horses roam the island and they will come in if given the chance.

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