fork: Qui (Austin)

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Qui is the latest ultra chic eatery from Chef Paul Qui. The Austin-based restaurant is located on 6th street, just across I-35 from all of the bar hopping madness that takes place every weekend. The corner spot is a prime location in this up and coming area. Inside, the minimal design elements are a nice compliment to the intense level of flavors that your mouth is destined to enjoy. The distinct combination of hand painted designs on the wall, custom aprons for the servers and the handmade plateware and pottery truely speaks to the level of creativity and innovation at Qui.

on my plate: Poached Egg with wild mushroom conserva, aioli and farm blossoms, Dinuguan with pork, blood (yes, we said “blood”), gnocchi and black trumpet mushroom, Salt and Time Butcher’s cut (farm brisket) and Rabbit – leg, belly, farce, house pickles, greens and a dipping sauce. For dessert: Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream – crispy waffles, goat milk cajeta, peanut praline and aged cheddar ice cream. Eat with fingers and enjoy!


Service: Good |  Reservations: Strongly Recommended  |  Parking: Some parking is available  |  Price: $$$$

– GOOD TO KNOW –    

Qui’s website is minimal (although it recently did get a face lift). So minimal that no where on there (that we saw, anyway) does it mention that the dishes served at Qui are tapas style. Which means, they are small yet meant to be shared. Keep that in mind as you order the recommended 7-10 dishes per couple. Be sure to order all of your dishes at once. Each one is prepped to order (so we hope) and you could wait upwards of 25 minutes between each dish. We ordered five dishes total (not all at once) and it took over two and a half hours to receive all five. That left room for a whole lot of conversation. And the end, we were left wanting more. So much so, that we ended up at McDonald’s afterwards. True story.

Photography by Nicolai McCrary

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