fork: Silo – Nashville, TN

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Silo has been one of my favorite places to dine at so far. It is located in Nashville, TN in the historic Germantown neighborhood. I went on a Sunday night. The neighborhood was quiet, but the restaurant had a nice crowd. The attention to detail was well noticed and greatly appreciated. From the clean aesthetics of the interior space to the garnishes on my deviled eggs and drink to the presentation of my entree. Well done, Silo.

on my plate: Deviled eggs-done 3 ways, Fudge Farm pork chop, braised apple, kohlrabi slaw and a taste of their hot chicken.


Service: Great! The waiter was attentive and knew the menu. |  Reservations: I made reservations and always recommend you do the same.  |  Parking: I used the valet. It is always a safe bet, but I believe there was street parking available  |  Price: $$

– GOOD TO KNOW –    

Their menu changes and, each time, offers a great variety of food from local farmers and producers. If you have already been to Silo, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to visit them again. When I visited, I had a taste of their hot chicken and (HOLY $SH!T) it was HOT! In my defense, I do not eat spicy food so I am not the best representation of the Scoville Scale, but (although the chicken tasted great) it was DEFINITELY hot! 

photos courtesy of Rachel Paul

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